2016 Global Studies Undergraduate Research Symposium

Apr 11, 2016
09:00 AM to 04:00 PM
The Penn Stater Conference Hotel

Professor Khanjan Mehta and Dr. Sophia McClennen, Penn State

The Center for Global Studies at Penn State and the University of Pittsburgh’s Global Studies Center and the will host the event. The symposium will include a keynote lecture, student presentations and student networking. 

The symposium will highlight student research on the complex array of social forces that characterize our increasingly interconnected world and will provide networking for students and faculty who are shaping how we approach these important topics and/or will provide leadership in the study of global issues in the future.  

We encourage a wide variety of research topics on diverse areas including (but not limited to) the economy, gender, health, education, politics, media, nationalism, ethnicity, spirituality, and community. We invite papers from various disciplines within humanities, sciences, social sciences and professional schools that address the theme of interconnectedness. Submissions that employ diverse theories, genres, and methodologies of research in a plurality of historical and geographical contexts are encouraged. For more information, visit

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