An Algebra to Support Information Exchange Between Organizations with Different Rhythms

CGS Brown Bag Series
Oct 19, 2016
12:15 PM to 01:15 PM
463 Burrowes

Carla Lage, Penn State

Borrowing from some basic concepts of music theory and mathematics, I’m proposing an information model that predict the critical times for the information exchange of and synchronize the information message swap between two military organizations acting in disaster relief operations. The findings of this research will be able to support the creation of computerized agents to support real time information exchange between agents with different organizational rhythms.

I am an ABD PhD Student at Penn State University and have been working in the area of the Information Technology since 1990. I have two bachelor’s degrees and a M.Sc degree. All my studies have been in the Computer Science and or IT area. However, in order to successfully conduct software and research projects I felt the need for interdisciplinary studies that extend questions to other areas. In addition, I hold the rank of Commander in the Brazilian Navy. I was born and raised in a developing country, where I had to work very hard to achieve a better education and a high rank in the navy. I am the first women in the Brazilian Navy to have her IT doctoral degree funded abroad.

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