An Evening with Filmmaker Mo Asumang: A Showing of The Aryans (2014)

Sep 29, 2015
06:30 PM to 09:00 PM

Afro-German cultural commentator and documentary filmmaker Mo Asumang will spend a day at Penn State University Park on 29 September. The main event will be an evening showing of her film, Die Arier (The Aryans), in German and English with subtitles, followed by Q&A and discussion. This event will be free and open to the general public.

In the documentary, Afro-German film director Mo Asumang gets to the heart of right-wing movements worldwide and their completely wrong interpretation of "Aryanism". After the French philosopher Arthur de Gobineau had established it as a term for the tall, blond and blue-eyed master race, “Aryanism” went on to become a vital part of the Nazis` ideology, and still promotes hate and murder today. Mo Asumang sets out for a tour into the abyss of the political evil in Germany and the U.S. and also travels to where the real Aryans originally came from – an area which nowadays belongs to Iran. “The ARYANS” is a personal journey into the madness of racism during which Asumang meets German neo-Nazis, the leading racist in the U.S., the notorious Tom Metzger, and Ku Klux Klan members in the alarming twilight of the Midwest.

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