Bunce Island: A Ghost Town of the Atlantic Slave Trade

African Studies Seminar
Oct 04, 2017
12:30 PM to 02:00 PM
216 Willard Building

Professor Joseph Opala

Professor Joseph Opala has done research for more than 40 years on Bunce Island, an 18th century British slave castle in Sierra Leone.  Unlike other slave castles in West Africa, Bunce Island has a strong historical link to the United States.  It is also far more isolated than most castles, and when he began his research in 1976, very few foreign visitors went there, and the local people believed that a dangerous spirit occupied the island, and were terrified to go there.  Opala will explain his research on Bunce Island’s history, oral history, and archaeology.  He will also explain his public history initiatives that helped bring this remarkable site to popular attention in both Sierra Leone and the United States.

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