Chinese corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices in Africa: A new puzzle to Chinese decision makers

Sep 17, 2013
06:00 PM to 08:00 PM
116 Lewis Katz Building, University Park

Jinghao Lu, Analyst of China-Africa Desk, Frontier Advisory

China has been Africa's largest trading partner (if not considering EU) since 2009, with bi-lateral trade volume nearly reaching 200 billion USD in 2012. More than 2,000 Chinese companies and over a million Chinese people are active in the continent today. However, whether Chinese trade and investment activities have brought social benefits to Africa is a highly debatable topic these years. Researchers argue that while China brings affordable goods, inexpensive capital and employment opportunities to Africa, the negative impact on local environment, labor relationship and local communities has caused rising tensions. Is China-Africa relationship sustainable in the long run? In this presentation, Lu will strive to explain corporate social responsibility (CSR) in Chinese perspective and in China-Africa business context.

Originally from China, Jinghao Lu completed a Masters of International Affairs and Bachelor of Arts in Sociology as a Schreyer Honors Scholar from the Pennsylvania State University. Jinghao has worked as a China-Africa analyst in Johannesburg, South Africa for the past two years. He planned and led high-level business trips involving Senior Executives of multination corporations seeking marketing and project negotiations in China and organized training programs and business conferences to bridge Africa and China business worlds. During this time has been interviewed by global media such as CNN, CCTV and The Guardian for his expertise on China-Africa trade.

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