Dissent and Digital Transumption in An Age of Insecurity

Comparative Literature Luncheon Series
Sep 22, 2014
12:15 PM to 01:30 PM
102 Kern

Dr. Djelal Kadir, Penn State

This is a diagnostic critique. Unlike a jeremiad, which is a cautionary admonition about what is bound to come, a critique is a diagnosis of what already is. By definition, a diagnosis aims at knowing two things - what is said and what is done - and examines the discrepancies between the two. This is an essay on the cartography of dissent, which is to say, a critical interrogation of dissent’s possibilities in the present. The analysis probes the historical moment through the institutional discourse of two currently dominant ideologemes--the digital and the transnational. Any coincidence between the narrative of this analysis and your personal or institutional circumstances is purely fortuitous. The NSA has you covered, and your college or university has your back. And, as the agent says, “no need to worry, if you are not doing or saying anything you shouldn’t be.”

This lecture is part of the Comparative Literature Luncheon Series.

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