Empowering Women in a Changing World

Lecture on Women's Rights across the globe
Oct 22, 2012
11:30 AM to 12:30 PM
Foster Auditorium

Gillian Sorenson, Senior Advisor at the United Nations Foundation

Ms. Sorensen will discuss the current efforts to empower women across the globe, and the role of the UN in such efforts in the areas of health, security, education, and opportunities. It is important to understand how such efforts are affected by politics and culture, as well as the historical circumstances surrounding women’s empowerment in countries around the world. Ms. Sorensen will touch on the work of UN Women, uniting prior offices around women’s issues, as well as that of UNFPA, UN Development Programme, peacekeeping efforts and the impact of war and conflict on women, in addition to the plight of refugee women. The UN Foundation’s work to support women and girls globally – through projects such as Every Woman Every Child – are also significant efforts to empower women in a changing world.

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