Envisioning a Future World: Climate Change, Knowledge Exchange, and Opportunities Abroad

Brown Bag Series
Feb 29, 2012
12:15 PM to 01:15 PM
402 Burrowes

Katie Dietrich, Department of Geography, Penn State

Katie Dietrich is a PhD student in Geography and has been working in Ghana for the past five years. Her current work considers the collaborations,

knowledge exchange, and learning between rural communities, researchers, and local NGO workers while engaging in a scenario building activity that looks to a future under climate uncertainty. For her masters, she researched water resource management and responses to climate uncertainty in rural communities. When not in Ghana, Katie participates in several climate change conferences and thus enjoys the numerous opportunities to travel.

This lecture is a part of the Center for Global Studies Brown Bag Graduate Lecture Series which focuses on the graduate research across disciplinary fields.

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