Exploring Ireland’s Literary Communities

Comparative Literature Luncheon Series
Nov 17, 2014
12:15 PM to 01:30 PM
102 Kern

James O’Sullivan, Penn State

Using various computational methods, this study will explore Ireland’s literary communities through analyses of the nation’s leading contemporary journals. A very brief introduction to macro-analytics will be offered, before some of the study’s key findings will be presented and discussed. Possible influences from social and economic transformations will be charted, while any regional disparities will also be delineated. A number of other particularities will also be accounted for, including gender and editorial networks.

James O’Sullivan is the Digital Humanities Research Designer at the Pennsylvania State University. He holds graduate degrees in computer science and literary studies, and is currently completing his PhD at University College Cork. His work has been published in a variety of interdisciplinary journals, including Leonardo and the International Journal of Humanities and Arts Computing. James is Chair of the Colloquium at the University of Victoria’s Digital Humanities Summer Institute, and in 2014 was shortlisted for the Fortier Prize for Digital Humanities research. Further details on Mr. Sullivan and his work can be found at

This lecture is part of the Comparative Literature Luncheon Series.

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