Girl Rising

Film Screening
Nov 11, 2013
06:00 PM to 08:00 PM
Foster Auditorium

The film Girl Rising aims to raise awareness and advocate for eliminating the barriers to education for girls in developing countries.  When a girl is educated, the cycle of poverty can be broken in just one generation, however, millions of girls around the world face barriers to education that boys do not.  When these barriers are removed-such as early and forced marriage, domestic slavery, sex trafficking, and gender violence- a girl has access to a better life for herself, her family, her community, and creates a safer and more prosperous world for all.

The film follows nine girls in developing countries who have faced a number of barriers to their education, such as bond labor, sexual assault, and early marriage. Most of the girls featured in the film are currently obtaining an education while a few are among the 66 million girls currently out of school (2012 EFA Global Monitoring Report).Their stories are told through the words of an acclaimed writer from her native country.  All of the stories are true although the writer had some liberty when deciding what she wanted to highlight.  Girl Rising captures each girl’s dreams, their voices, and their remarkable lives despite being born into unforgivable circumstances.

This film is at the center of the “Girl Rising” campaign of the same name, which has traveled around the world to witness strength of the human spirit and the power of education to change the world.  When one girl in a developing country is educated, she is able to build a strong foundation for generations to come.  The campaign is a grassroots global action movement that has established relationships with nonprofit organizations that drive donations to programs that help girls get in school and stay in school.  They work together to change minds, lives, and policy so all girls receive what they deserve: an education and a better life.

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