Global Rhetorics and Global Intersections: The Old and the New

Jan 22, 2014
01:30 PM to 02:30 PM
101 Old Botany

Joseph L. Jeyaraj, Penn State

This presentation examines older forms of globalization as it has happened in the latter half of the 20th century and newer developments in the past decade or so in the 21st century. While doing so, it examines the role technology played in enabling older forms of globalization in the 20th century and how technology once again has currently made it possible for newer forms of globalization to develop in the past decade or so in the 21st century. The presentation will analyze some of the new global rhetorics, intersections, and trends that that have emerged in global formations such as the larger global south, BRICS, etc. It will also study the role of communication and writing in maintaining new global formations and trends. Of particular interest will be various modes of communication leading to the production, dissemination, framing, and reframing of information, and disinformation in various ways. Of similar interest will be the manner in which information is artificially regulated in some places and its impact on the manner in which globalization occurs in those contexts.  

Dr. Joseph Jeyaraj is visiting faculty in the English Department at The Pennsylvania State University. He specializes in Technical and Professional Writing and Communication and the larger field of Writing and Rhetoric, Engineering Communication, Postcolonial Theory, and on matters related to cross cultural communication and globalization. He has published in various places some of which are College Composition and Communication,Journal of Business and Technical Communication, Technical Writing Quarterly, and Pretexts: Literary and Cultural Studies. His latest work, "Engineering and Narrative: Literary Prerequisites as Indirect Communication for Technical Writing," is forthcoming in Journal of Technical Writing and Communication 44.2 (2014)

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