Literacy in Mobility: Negotiation of Literacies across Transnational Contexts

CGS Brown Bag Lecture Series
Apr 09, 2014
01:30 PM to 02:30 PM
124 Sparks

Madhav Kafle, Penn State

Most of the research on academic literacies is based on nation-state orientation (Wimmer and Schiller) despite the reality of increasingly interdependent world. Studies based only on one’s location might not be feasible as they often fail to connect to the transnational experiences of the learners. As a part of the bigger study, this presentation explores the ways migrant students negotiate language and literacies across transnational contexts. It reports on a case study of Gyan, a Bhutanese Refugee student who negotiates literacies across diverse academic settings in both Nepal and US. Informed by literacy as a social practice, transnational literacies, and mobility, findings suggest we need to explore the connection between transnational mobility and students' multilingual repertoire as both are essential in negotiating local and global literacies in the transnational world. 

Madhav Kafle is a doctoral candidate in Applied Linguistics at The Pennsylvania State University. He has taught English in rural Nepal and currently teaches academic writing at Penn State. His research interests include multilingual writing, global spread of English, and critical pedagogy. 

This lecture is a part of the Center for Global Studies Brown Bag Graduate Lecture Series which focuses on interdisciplinary graduate research

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