Managing and Exploiting Change

Nov 13, 2014
06:00 PM to 07:00 PM
206 Hammond

Don Shemanski, Penn State

Advances in technology, especially information technology, are revolutionizing everything; this has already begun and will continue to impact many things, including how human beings interact with each other in a variety of settings (relationships and communication, for example). The key element to being prepared for what is to come is the ability to correctly forecast -- or predict -- the course of future events.

Professor Shemanski is a professor of practice in the College of Information Science and Technology. He began teaching at Penn State in 2008 after serving as a diplomat in the United States Foreign Service for 23 years. Professor Shemanski worked in Berlin, Germany leading the embassy office in charge of counter-terrorism, nuclear nonproliferation, climate change, and international judicial assistance. He has also worked in Washington D.C., Italy, Pakistan, and Cyprus.

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