Milking the Rhino: Innovative Solutions Showcase

Innovative Solutions Student Showcase
Nov 14, 2012
06:30 PM to 08:00 PM
HUB Auditorium

Inspired by the documentary Milking The Rhino, Penn State has created the Innovative Solutions Showcase for students from all majors as a venue to foster critical thinking about sustainable community development, developmental entrepreneurship, and the role of technology in enabling new solutions to global inequities. We want students to explore the ethical intricacies of globalization and loss of indigenous cultures, and the role technology plays in fostering and hurting sustainable self-determined development. 

Student teams from across the world are invited to articulate their understanding of the challenges faced by indigenous communities in Africa with regard to wildlife and natural resource management, conservation, and sustainability.  The teams will then draw from their academic areas to conceptualize and effectively communicate innovative and sustainable solutions to empower indigenous people and foster development by leveraging local resources. Students will prepare three-minute video pitches which will be rated by a five-member interdisciplinary panel of referees. The mechanics and logistics of the showcase, important dates and resources are presented on this website.

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