Sexual and Artistic Transgressions: Pedro Almodóvar and Pedro Lemebel’s Fictional Writing and the Hispanic Literary Market

CGS Brown Bag Series
Jan 21, 2015
01:30 PM to 02:30 PM
101 Old Botany

Ana Cortejoso De Andres, Penn State

This talk focuses on two literary works in which the recuperation of memory is problematized from a sexual and social approach: the Spanish film director Pedro Almodóvar’s Patty Diphusa y otros textos (1998) and the Chilean writer and performer Pedro Lemebel’s Tengo miedo torero (2001). These literary works depict two different stories whose main characters, both of them transvestite, deal with the direct repercussions of the sociopolitical systems existing in Spain and Chile during the 80’s. The transvestite’s inner dispute stands in the two texts as a metaphoric representation of the confusion and disorientation that both Spanish and Chilean cultural spheres were facing at this time. Moreover, by publishing these two stories both Almodóvar and Lemebel challenge the Hispanic literary market and reclaim its necessary openness to the LGBT artistic dialogue.

Ana Cortejoso de Andrés is a doctoral student in the Department of Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. Her dissertation entitled “Born to be a Star: Representing the Writer as a Global Celebrity in Hispanic Contemporary Narrative (1995-2010)” focuses on the fictional representation of the Spanish-language business market and the narrative construction of the writer as a conflicted character who struggles between artistic aspirations and celebrity. Her main research areas include contemporary narrative from Spain and Chile as well as literary works written by Latin American immigrants established in Spain. She also explores the connections of this type of narrative with other cultural productions such as cinema, artistic performances and music. Her research has been made possible through support from the Institute for the Arts and Humanities and the Center for Global Studies.

This lecture is a part of the Center for Global Studies Brown Bag Series which focuses on interdisciplinary graduate and faculty research.

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