The Institute for the Arts and Humanities 2016 Film Festival: Climate Change and Climate Justice

Sep 24, 2016 12:00 PM to
Sep 25, 2016 12:00 AM
State Theatre, Downtown State College

This is a free event with general admission seating.

Climate change is not just a matter of CO2 in the atmosphere, of melting glaciers, flooded coastal plains, and rising global temperatures. It is all that, and much more– but it is also a matter of justice. There are people involved: how can we grapple with the fact that the people least responsible for carbon emissions are often the most vulnerable to their most catastrophic effects? There is an ecosphere at stake: how can we understand the obligations of humans to the planet and all its bioforms? Perhaps questions too difficult or elusive for public policy must be addressed instead by art. On September 24, at the State Theatre, we’ll try to do just that.

Schedule of Events

12:00pm – Beasts of the Southern Wild
2:00pm – Forest Law
3:00pm – The Great Silence
3:30pm – Where the Green Ants Dream
5:30pm – The Island President
7:30pm – The End of Eating Everything
7:45pm – Sleep Dealer
Question and answer session with director Alex Rivera
10:00pm – Soul Breath Wind

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