The Intimacies of Information

Presentation on the "information age"
Apr 23, 2012
03:30 PM to 05:30 PM
008 Mueller

Michael Denning and the Yale University Working Group on Globalization and Culture

In recent decades, social theorists have proclaimed the advent of an “information age.” “Information” is a keyword of contemporary culture, and information technologies are intimate parts of our daily lives, informing and informing on us. This collective presentation by the Working Group on Globalization and Culture explores the intimacies of information, the secret lives of codes: the dynamics of sharing, disguising, and restricting information; the labors of making, storing, and transmitting information; the intertwining of data, sexuality and emotion; the wars of disinformation and secret intelligence; the contests over access to and control over information, as it is managed, copied, hidden, commodified, corrupted, leaked, and pirated. Information alters our bodies even as bodily information is translated and transcribed in archives and databases. How, we ask, do we live with information, and how do we live without it?

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