Impact Award

Participants of the "Lesson Planet: Teaching Sustainability" workshop are invited to create curricular materials related to teaching global studies that can be shared with other teachers. The Center for Global Studies invites submissions of lesson plans (developed individually or in groups) that can be made publicly available through the CGS website for instructors and students to use. Applicants will receive up to $500 for their work.

These lesson plans might include, but are not limited to:

  • A multi-media course segment on a non-U.S. culture (or cultures), using Power Point, video, and the Internet to form a coherent plan of study for students.
  • An inquiry-guided project focused on sustainability in the global context, including all relevant materials (presentations, handouts, etc.) that would be utilized in the lesson.
  • The creation of an interactive online lesson plan with global content that could be accessed by students and instructors.

Please provide references for all sources

Award Requirements

Creators of the lesson plan must have participated in the entire "Lesson Planet: Teaching Sustainability" workshop and must be employed full-time at a K-12 institution or be pre-service teachers within the College of Education.

Eligibility and Application

If you would like to apply for this award, please submit the following materials:

  1. Application form
  2. Your complete lesson plan in digital format that includes a clear statement of teaching objectives and PA standards addressed. This might include files on a CD, a folder of related files submitted through e- mail, or the link to a website on which you have posted your lesson plan.
  3. Explanation of relevant concepts and glossary.
  4. A statement describing how you have used or will use this lesson in your teaching, with a specific explanation of learning outcomes.

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis (via email) from now until April 29.

Submit materials in a single electronic file in to:
, Associate Director The Center for Global Studies

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