2013 - 2014

School of International Affairs Lectures

Globalization and International Science Cooperation

Cathleen Campbell, President and Chief Executive Officer of CRDF Global

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Tong Zhiwei, East China Univ. of Political Science and Law

This conference considered issues of Chinese constitutional law and politics and consider the current movement of government and popular sentiment. Featured Speakers include Professor Zhiwei Tong, one of China's most well known public intellectuals and a Professor at the East China University of Political Science and Law. Anyone interested in current developments in Chinese politics, law and culture will find the proceedings of interest.

Links to the video recording follow. The recording can be accessed in one of three ways. One is of the entire conference proceedings. The second is of the morning session; the third is of the afternoon session. For ease fo reference, the Conference announcement and Conference Program are also provided.

This lecture was sponsored by the School of International Affairs, the Center for Global Studies, the Center for Democratic Deliberation, the Rock Ethics Institute, and the Coalition for Peace and Ethics.

Global Penn State Conference

The University Office of Global Programs hosted its first annual Global Penn State conference on September 26-27, 2013, to bring colleagues together from across the commonwealth to share best practices in developing the Global Penn State.

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