Japan Question Sheet



1. Look in the Facts and Photos section to find a definition for the word: archipelago.

Archipelago: ______________________________________________________________________________________________

2. Continue browsing the Facts and Photos section. Who is Japan’s neighbor to the north?


Who is Japan’s neighbor to the south?


3. Under the heading Geography in the Facts and Photos section, read about Mount Fuji. Mount Fuji is part of which mountain range?

4. In the Nature section the author explains the reason for the seas being rich with fish around Japan. What is the reason for this?




5. Read about the Food and Culture of Japan. The Japanese diet has lots of

_____________________________________,but little__________________________________________.

6. Look through the photos to see how people say hello in Japan. Explain the two ways described to say hello.

1. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

2. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

7. Describe how the people are planting rice in photo 3.





Watch the video. Give the video your own title.

Your title:__________________________________________________________________

Look at the map of Japan. In the geography section, you learned that some of Japan’s neighbors are Russia, South Korea, and China.  Click on the white bar with the words: Find More People and Places.  Locate the maps for Japan’s neighboring countries listed above. Write the names of three countries that border the Sea of Japan. Start with the country that is furthest to the south.




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