Nuclear/Fracking Journal Project

You will write 1 journal entry and produce a drawing about the benefits or negatives of our lessons this past week. These are not stories; they are to be written in first person. Make sure you use the words “I” throughout your journal. Your picture must be colored and relate to your essay.

Each journal entry must be at least 1 page long (250 words). Produce a rough draft today, of the essay, and have it typed for class tomorrow. (must be typed, 12 point, Times Roman font, double spaced). You will be given points on neatness and how well you understand the concepts being discussed. Please make sure your drawing relates to your journal. It must be colored, and neat. You can use stick figures, if needed, it is the idea that comes across the paper and how it relates to your journal that is important.

The following are the subjects of your journals:

  1. Nuclear Energy: You are a citizen that lives around the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant. Detail what your life was like prior to March 2011, and what it is like today. Make sure you discuss the Tsunami and Earthquake in your journal.
  2. Nuclear Energy: You were very unlucky. In 1979 you lived near Three Mile Island and in 2011 you moved to Japan, living near the Fukushima plant. Detail the aspects of your life from 1979 – 2013.
  3. Fracking in the USA: You live in an area of Pennsylvania that is a potential site for natural gas exploration. You must decide whether to let the Fracking companies into your town, or bar them from fracking. Detail what decision you made, and why.

In your journal USE A LOT OF EXAMPLES. Just telling a story will not be enough to obtain full credit. I am not looking for “perfect grammar”. I want to make sure you understood what you learned and that you can get that across in a paper.

30 Points Total

Grading Rubric (30 points total)


  • Completes assignment objective: ________ 10.0 points
  • Does not complete assignment objective: _________ 5.0 points
  • Student turns in nothing: _________ 0 points


  • Written legibly, neat picture: ________ 10.0 points
  • Ripped, torn, messy paper/picture: ________ 0 - 5.0 points


  • Written as a journal entry, with correct detail and examples. Appropriate picture: ________10.0 points
  • Attempts to answer questions, but fails to answer the whole question, correctly: ________ 5.0 points
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