Drinking Water Worksheet Questions

“Ban Sale of Water for Profit” Questions

  1. What are two reasons that water doesn’t reach people? Give an example of each and explain.
  2. How is the sale of water becoming a profitable industry?
  3. Shouldn’t water be a public resource to be distributed by a government? Why isn’t this the case in some places?
  4. What is one area where cutbacks on water usage would have the greatest effect?
  5. Write a paragraph supporting public (i.e. free) water for everyone OR supporting the privatization of water supplies. Use at least 3 pieces of evidence from the article for support.
  6. How many countries does the World Bank report that now have water shortages?

“Global Water Shortage Looms in New Century” Questions

  1. From where do many nations get water?
  2. Why is it a problem to get your water from a border river?
  3. The Earth has about as much water as it had during the time of the dinosaurs. Why are we so concerned about water shortages now?
  4. Other than population growth, what else is causing the increase in water demand?
  5. Will an increase in snow melt due to global warming be helpful in the water shortage? Why or why not?
  6. What is one solution that can provide lots of additional water supplies and what is this?
  7. Why do you think the U.S. is no longer involved in desalination research?
  8. Why do you think 60% of nations involved in desalination are now in the Middle East?
  9. Write a short paragraph telling your solution to the world’s water problems- (here are some possibilities: Privatization, technology, reducing water usage, free water for all)

“Where’s the Water?” Questions

  1. What are the two reasons that Lake Chad is shrinking?
  2. How will loosening the arsenic standard for drinking water help the water shortage? How will it hurt us?
  3. How many people die each year from poor drinking water, poor sanitation, or a dirty home environment?
  4. What country may have the biggest water shortage problem? What issues in this country add to this problem?
  5. Where does Israel get its water?
  6. What does Egypt rely on for its water supply?
  7. How much rainfall does Egypt get each year?
  8. What may limit Egypt’s water supply?
  9. What two places use the most water from the Colorado River?
  10. What are some examples in this reading of water sources that are located or serve more than one country? Pick one and write a paragraph about how politics are affecting the water supply.
  11. How do water shortages increase cooperation between nations?

“Not Dry as Dust” Questions

  1. Why do African countries along the Nile want to dam up water upstream?
  2. Why does Egypt not want this to happen?
  3. What are 2 countries known for being good at recycling water?
  4. In places like Europe and China, where there are larger rivers what is the biggest problem with the water supply?
  5. Why is ‘free’ water not a good idea?
  6. How do farmers get free water?
  7. Do all farmers get free water? Why or why not?
  8. By how much does water usage generally decline when people are charged?
  9. Privatization is a solution to problems with water supply. What is this?
  10. Who is this solution likely to affect the most? Why?
  11. Give an example of each solution to water supply problems:
    1. Technology
    2. Flooding
    3. Desalination
  12. Why will global warming and increased snow melt not help the water problem?
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