Resources: “Lessons from Minamata and Fukushima: Economic Growth vs. Environmental Health”

MINAMATA: the photographic work of Eugene Smith and Aileen M. Smith, 1971-1974.

Christine L. Marran, The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus

Content includes images, videos, social media, testimonials, broadcasts, and more.

Timothy S. George, The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus

Oguma Eiji, Translated by Kyoko Selden, The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus

National Geographic

The Asia-Pacific Journal

The Telegraph

Shoko Yoneyama, The Asia-Pacific Journal

The Register

Environmental Health Department and, Ministry of the Environment, Government of Japan

Ministry of the Environment, Government of Japan

Matthew Penney, The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus

Douglas Allchin, University of Minnesota

September 16, 2010, Institute for Advanced Research, University of Minnesota

The New York Times

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