Event Co-sponsorship

Event Co-sponsorship

The Center for Global Studies is interested in co-sponsoring events that tie in with the Center’s academic or outreach mission. Examples of events we have sponsored in the past include, but are not limited to, conferences, forums, panel discussions, speakers, and educational workshops.

Given that the event will be grant-funded, funds must be used for a purpose allowable by the grant; they cannot simply be transferred from one budget to another nor can they be used for meals or food. Funds are generally used to cover all or part of a speaker’s honorarium. The speaker, however, cannot be a Penn State employee.

In order to determine an appropriate level of funding, all application materials must be submitted well in advance of the event.

The event must be free and open to the public.

The Center for Global Studies must approve the use of the funds.

Application Materials

  1. Application: The application is provided using Google Forms to allow for the convenience of electronic submissions. Please complete all required sections.

    Since the form asks for the number of participants, it is suggested that organizers provide a sign-in sheet at the event for a more accurate number. You are not required to submit attendance information in order to seek funding approval, however, attendance information should be submitted in the week following the event.

  2. Overall budget: Include funding from other sources and descriptions (example below).

  3. Description of Event: Provide a description of the event and include a copy of any flyers/promotional materials.

Supplementary materials should be emailed to cgs.psu@gmail.com.

Responsibilities of Individual or Group Awarded Support

  1. Logistical Arrangements: Arrange for speaker/event room scheduling, AV equipment, forms, paperwork, introduction of speaker, lodging, transportation, and all other logistical arrangements.

  2. Publicity: Prepare and distribute all publicity including flyers, news releases, and other forms of publicity. Send copies of all publicity to the Center for Global Studies.

  3. Acknowledgement: Acknowledge support from the Center for Global Studies in all publicity including news releases.

Sample Budget

Center for Global Studies Reception
April 21, 2014
3:00-6:00 p.m.

DescriptionDetailsFunding SourceCost
ROOMFaculty/Staff Club, 3 hoursCenter for Global Studies$100.00
HONORARIUMSDr. Joe Smith $500.00
 Dr. Jane Johnson $500.00
FOODPizza (3@ $15/pizza)Departmental Funds$45.00
 Sodas (30) $30.00
TOTAL  $1175.00