Bridget Greco

Bridget Greco

Class of 2015
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My CGS Story:

My name is Bridget Greco and I am a senior in the College of Communications. My major is Advertising and I am minoring in Business Liberal Arts. I plan to work for either an Advertising Agency focusing on Media Planning or a Media Agency focusing on an Integrated Digital Marketing position in the future. As a social media intern, I found myself planning, scheduling, and organizing events to post, which benefitted my work ethic tremendously. I began the semester very hesitant and anxious regarding the tasks I was expected to accomplish. I have to admit that I did allow myself to fall behind a couple times concerning my organization, but those mistakes only taught me to try harder. I researched a ton before I began the position in order to create a basis for when to post the event dates and beneficial times to post them. It took me some time in the beginning of the semester to organize the dates, event information, and hashtags every week. However, I did my best to develop those skills throughout the semester. I do believe that The Center for Global Studies aided in the development of those characteristics I was lacking and provided me with experiences that improved my abilities when I was faced with a personal obstacle.

My social media internship has given me useful skills for my Advertising major and future in many ways, all of which made me value this experience immensely. The Center provided me with confidence in targeting consumers and their behavior when providing informative content. I gained experience in a professional atmosphere and although it took me a while to get used to this type of atmosphere and gain the confidence in myself, I knew I could buckle down in order to provide beneficial social media insights while enhancing the social media presence for the Center to continue with in the future. As a social media intern I was expected to analyze the public’s behavior towards the event posts each week. This is a beneficial technique in advertising because understanding the target group and demographic is a critical component when creating message strategies in advertising campaign executions. I was very familiar with the social platforms I was expected to utilize because of my generation. I also have practice from my advertising campaign classes that are required for my major. Social media is a new addition to the advertising world because it provides agencies with the consumer insight they need without the use of quantitative data through surveys and tools.

The Center for Global Studies prepared me for tough situations and taught me that every new experience brings difficulty and obstacles. Those obstacles ultimately challenge you for the better and force you to make improvements. I am very thankful for this opportunity because I improved my organization and planning skills that will benefit me in future career. Not only did the social media internship at the Center guide me towards building my foundation as a professional, but also taught me what type of advertising position I want to obtain in a digital world that is highly influenced.


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The image above is an example of a flyer that I created to post on social media and also to pass out at events to encourage others to connect with the Center for Global Studies.