How To Incorporate Authentic Global Materials into the K-12 Classroom

How To Incorporate Authentic Global Materials into the K-12 Classroom

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List of presentations

Geographic Literacy in the Classroom: Incorporating Global Resources into School Curriculum and Lesson Plans

Marcy Bidney

Do you want to incorporate more authentic global information resources into your classroom but are unsure where to start to find reliable, accurate sources? Have you searched for these resources but found yourself overwhelmed by the sheer number of available? National Geographic says that “Geographic literacy is more than knowing state capitals. It’s understanding how people and places interact, where things come from, and where we’re going.” Incorporating authentic global materials into school curriculum and classroom lesson plans will help your students better understand the world around them. This session teaches you how to find authentic global resources located at the Penn State University Libraries and find valuable resources available for free on the internet.

Using Authentic Materials in an Elementary Language Class

Simon Holowatz

Authentic materials present exciting potential to enliven and educate students about language and culture. These materials are motivating for students to use and prepare students for real-world usage of their language skills. However, many teachers struggle to find authentic materials appropriate for their teaching goals or do not know how to use them effectively. This presentation is intended to explain the advantages of using authentic materials and discuss how to address some of the challenges presented by using them.

Session goals:

  • To discuss what authentic materials are
  • Explain why authentic materials are effective and motivating for students
  • Provide guidelines in selecting and using authentic materials
  • Suggestions on acquiring authentic materials

Incorporating Authentic Global Materials in Event and Enrichment Programming

Helena Khan

This session discusses the various ways in which authentic global materials can be incorporated into event and enrichment programming with the goal of bridging the gap between academic learning and real-world exchange.

Sharing Ireland with the Wee Folk: Using Travel Across the Elementary Curriculum

Sue Shaffner

Who was Saint Patrick, and how can his story and the land of Ireland be used in an elementary classroom? This session introduces the land of Ireland and the historical and religious aspects of its patron saint, Patrick. C.S. Lewis’s Irish connections, peacemaking after the “Troubles,” and aspects of written and spoken Irish language will also be covered.

Travel Abroad to China: Bridging the Cultural Gap

Kim-Li Kimel

This session is a summary of travel aboard to Harbin and Beijing and is presented in three parts. It is appropriate for individuals interested in travel aboard for professional development, individuals interested in attaining a better understanding of Asian educational systems, and individuals who would like to implement more primary documents and culturally-diverse materials into their curriculum.

  • Session presentation – PPT PDF

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