2017 - 2018

Echoes of 20th Century Fascism in Modern Politics and Culture

Bringing together faculty and graduate students from both the Political Science and History departments, "Echoes of 20th Century Fascism" provides a platform to discuss varying perspectives on a complex and pertinent topic: the history of Fascist thought in the United States and globally and how this relates to the current political climate. This event seeks to bring together faculty and students - university-wide as well as the general public to discuss the importance of using history to understand recent events.

New Media in India: From Fad to Fundamental?

Dr. Sunetra Sen Narayan, Indian Institute of Mass Communication
Dr. Shalini Narayanan, Independent Communications Consultant

New media is shaping the public discourse in India today. What are the implications of this for the world's largest democracy? And for development? Who is getting left out of the new media equation? Given the sheer numbers and diversity of India, how do we go about regulating it? This study aims to map the changing contours of India's fascinating new mediascape.

ISIS, Jihad, and Islamic Law

Dr. Mohammad Khalil, Michigan State University

How does ISIS attempt to justify its acts of terrorism? In this lecture, Mohammad Khalil (associate professor of Religious Studies, adjunct professor of Law, and Director of the Muslim Studies Program at Michigan State University) discusses some of the traditional rules of armed jihad according to Islamic law, shows how the leadership of ISIS attempts to present their acts of terrorism as being in line with those rules, and examines mainstream Muslim scholarly responses to ISIS.

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