Human Rights Unit Appendix

#1 – What does it mean to be human square activity sheet

Materials: A set of Decision Cards for each group of 3 to 5 players. (Decision Card statements are listed below.) – A game board, drawn on a large sheet of heavy paper, poster board, or construction [sugar] paper.

Decision Card statements

  1. Killing is wrong.
  2. It is wrong to keep someone else as a slave.
  3. After a certain age, people should be able to marry whomever they choose.
  4. People should be allowed to say or write what they wish.
  5. All people should be treated equally. It should not depend on such things as their gender, appearance, or the country they come from.
  6. People in prison should be told why they are being held.
  7. People should be allowed to criticize the government.
  8. People should be allowed to talk to and meet anyone they wish.
  9. It is wrong to force a person to work.
  10. A person accused of a crime should be tried by someone who has nothing to do with the case.
  11. People should be allowed to travel and leave their country if they wish.
  12. Private letters and telephone calls should not be intercepted.
  13. People should be allowed to have, or not have, whatever religious beliefs they wish.
  14. All people have a right to belong to a country.
  15. All people have the right to medical help if they are ill.
  16. All people have a right to education. Parents have the right to choose the kind of education to be given to their children.

#2 Human Rights Violations – Research Project – 100 points World Cultures 16-17

Directions: Using the 2015 (or most recent) Annual Report on your chosen country, create a google slideshow that explains the human rights violations your country has been observed denying to its citizens and the connections to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).

Get into pairs to work on this project.

Using and their country reports, look at the most recent reports and choose a country from that region which has a poor record of upholding human rights. Look at several countries before settling on one. Once you have a country selected, check in with Morris to see if it’s been taken. Countries are first come first serve.

A second website is

Latin AmericaEuropeAfricaMiddle EastAsia

Overall Requirements

  • Introductory Slide: Country background/overview information with 3 important facts; include country flag.
  • Body Slides: Describing at least 2 different examples of human rights violations. Each with supporting details.
  • Conclusion Slide: Your summary and opinion of the state of human rights in your country. Why are the violations happening?

Presentation Requirements

Your google presentation should be 3-5 minutes and include the following elements:

  • A full, complete and well organized report of human rights violations in your country; noting which rights are violated.
  • A well performed presentation, with good public speaking skills and delivery.
  • Knowledge necessary to answer audience questions for further detail.
Content/Organization0 Points
*Does not have solid grasp of information.,*Provides weak or no support of subject.,*Gives insufficient support for ideas or conclusions.
10 Points
*Demonstrates Some knowledge of topic.,*Some support of topic information.,*Unable to answer some questions on content.
20 Points
*Demonstrates detailed knowledge of subject material, is able to answer questions.,*Provides at least 2 examples with supporting information, facts or current events for each. *Presentation includes at least 1 picture, has intro, body and conclusion requirements.
Delivery0 Points
*Spends presentation reading directly from notes or slide, speaks in low mumbled voice.
5 Points
*Holds attention of some audience members, some eye contact, uneven speaking practices.
10 Points
*Holds attention of entire audience, uses eye contact, good speaking practices. Embodies interest in material and confidence.
UDHR Connections0 Points
*No effort to connect human rights violations,to UDHR.
5 Points
*Some effort to connect human rights violations to UDHR.
10 Points
*Connects human rights violations to matching rights in UDHR by referencing UDHR and excerpts.