Human Rights Violations 2017

Time Frame: 3 days

Standards: PA World History Standards

5.1.W.B Analyze how conflict and cooperation among groups and organizations have influenced the history and development of the world. (Reference History Standards 8.3.9.D.)

5.2.W.B Analyze strategies used to resolve conflicts in society and government.

6.1.W.B Analyze how conflict and cooperation among groups and organizations have impacted the control of limited resources in the world.

7.3.W.A Analyze the human characteristics of places and regions using the following criteria: population,culture, settlement, economic and political activities.

8.4.W.C Evaluate how continuity and change have impacted the world today.

Enduring Understandings

  • Students will understand the study of political, social, and economic patterns reveals continuity and change over time.
  • Students will understand that culture is a unifying and controversial force in understanding human interaction.

Specific Learning Outcomes/Objectives


  • Chromebook
  • Google Slide Program

Activities and Procedures

  • Bellringer – Briefly describe the human rights issue that you researched for homework.
  • Introduce Human Rights violation slideshow project/rubric (see appendix)
  • Have students research the violation and create a slide show.
  • Presentations will be on the third day.
Differentiation: This assignment can be adapted to meet the needs of Learning support and/or gifted students. Learning support students can choose a human rights violation and describe the background leading up to this violation. Gifted students can research the human rights violation and draft a resolution that can be used by the United Nations.