Japanese Art – Worksheet Lesson 6

Rebecca Smith, Art Instructor, Williamsburg High School, Williamsburg, PA

Detective Search: What is a Manga Book?

Answer the following questions to discover what a manga book is all about.

  1. What is the name of your book?
  2. Where is the front of the book?
  3. Find a page that explains how to read the book. Make a drawing below that shows how to read a manga book.
  4. Find a page that summarizes the story. What is the story about?
  5. Who are the main characters?
  6. Is there a bad person? Can you find the name of the bad person?
  7. Find a page that shows action through an onomatopoeia. What is the word you found, and what is it describing?

On the back of this sheet, draw an interesting character from the book.

Japan 4a: Detective Manga book worksheet